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About the Author

I was born in a seaside town within the Kingdom of Kent, U.K. After some horrendously dark struggles with my mental health, in 2013, I decided to leave the U.K. on a one-way ticket to Thailand. With just the bag on my back, I had no real plan. I was just fed up and wanted out.
Since then, I travelled many countries and lived in some; but mainly, I settled in Australia. In January 2016, I met my soul’s initial calling and started working in remote indigenous communities, helping indigenous children and families. Around 3.5 years later, I followed my spiritual calling – writing. In a bold move, I then quit my fulltime role as a head indigenous football coach and mentor.
Overall, my spiritual growth, connectivity, and universal lessons have been profound. My physical calling was indigenous Australia, but my spiritual home is Peru.
My journey has led me to continue with the work I’ve done helping orphanages and those struggling in many third world countries and more. I have a deep and passionate calling to raise as much funds as possible to help so many places around the world and have made many meaningful connections.
I am not here to make money but to use money as positive energy to help those that need it the most. With the combination of over 13 years youth and community work including diplomas and qualifications behind me along with my creative passion to help bring the world together, my skills can now be utilized more than ever. Not just through earning money, but by using 75% of my physical book sales to help those that need it the most.
I am determined to never stop fighting for what is right and for a fair world fuelled by loving togetherness. I feel strongly that the more people that see what I’m doing and how easy it can be – the more we can move into a place where fear no longer exists – only love. One love.
Photos and Videos of the orphanage and fundraising work I am and have been doing on my Facebook page: